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Important considerations to make before renting a forklift truck

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A forklift truck will come in handy in a warehouse or a place where you need to tow up some goods or machine. It can also help you tow out if you have to accomplish a particular task with a forklift, here are some things you need to know before renting one.

A forklift can be very useful for a temporary help

There are a lot of things you may need a forklift truck to accomplish. If you have a machine breakdown that tends to slow down your work, a forklift truck can help you replace a bad truck with another model as repairs are ongoing.

Renting a forklift truck is not as expensive as you think

You may be considering the initial cost of renting a forklift truck. But you will find out taking this decision will save you a lot of time and cost in the long run. It will help you keep things going and continue your maintenance or repairs.

Inspect before renting

Before renting a forklift truck, it is important to inspect what you are renting. Remember that this truck moves from one place to the other. It usually passes from one hand to the other. So, it will be ideal to inspect the forklift truck before renting.

How long do you need the forklift truck?

You need to know what you need the forklift for and how long you will need it. This will help you plan well and stick to your budget. You don’t want to rent the equipment you may not start using immediately.

Understand the type of fuel the forklift uses

This is necessary to plan well for the fuel consumption of the forklift truck.  When you have the fuel for the machine on ground, your project will move smoothly.

Find out the dimensions of the lifting area

It is important to know the area you need to move loads. This will help you determine the lift height you need.

What is the highest weight of the loads you want to move?

With this knowledge, you will be able to select the right forklift for the type of job you want. It is easy to make the wrong choice when selecting a forklift truck. But with information on the weight of the load, you will select the truck that is perfect for such weight.

In conclusion, ask questions about the renting contract wherever you are not clear. It is better to have a full knowledge of what you are getting. This will prevent disagreements during and after the renting deal.

Things you should avoid when renting equipment

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There are several benefits of renting equipment. It is a great way to accomplish your task while saving some money in the process. Equipment rental will come in handy when you need to make use of the equipment on a temporary basis. But a lot of people make certain mistakes when renting some of these machines. The mistakes pointed out here are very common among contractors. We believe you are going to avoid them in future if we point out some of the most common ones here.

Failing to read through the contract details

A lot of renters have made this mistake in the past. No matter how you think you understand the contract requirements, it’s still important to go through the paper documents. There may be things you might miss. Apart from reading through, you need to ask questions where you are not really clear.

Ask questions about damage liability, late charges, delivery, and fuel liability. When it comes to contract agreements of this nature, miscommunication can cause a lot of damage. So, it’s important to understand the entire contract terms, both written and unwritten, before renting the equipment.

Always settling for the lowest price

As with anything else, you always get what you pay for. Do not assume something is always better when you are getting it cheap. The main consideration here should be the cost in the long run. Yes, you might get the equipment very cheap, but how much are you going to lose when it breaks down?  This is the reason why you need to look at other factors before choosing a cheaper one for rent. Make sure you are renting from a reputable company renowned for their quality of service. That way, you will have a small sense of assurance you are renting good equipment.

Renting the wrong equipment

Before you select the equipment, research properly on the type of machine you need. Look carefully at the specifications of what you need. Identify the machinery and tools that will help you complete the project in the safest and more efficient manner. When you rent the wrong equipment, it can lead to delays and waste of resources.

Renting at the wrong time

Before you set out to rent equipment, make sure you are set to use that equipment. Remember that your rent time starts when you move the equipment from your supplier or when you have sealed the contract.  You will be wasting money when you keep the rented equipment idle while you are still prepping things up. Make sure you rent the equipment at the right time when you need it.

Important factors to consider when renting a trailer

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At a point in time, a project may need the services of heavy equipment like the trailer for haulage. With a lot of options available to rent a trailer, it can be challenging to make the right call. These tips will guide you when renting the right trailer for your needs.

Are you renting a closed or open trailer?

The type of trailer you eventually end up renting will depend on your need for it. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, open trailers are easier to load goods. You will not be bothered about causing damage on the body of the trailer. Again, they are economically viable because of their fuel economy benefits.

However, they are not safer. If you are considering a trailer because of safety reasons, a closed trailer will be a better option for you. You may decide to park the trailer overnight without worrying about the safety of the goods. So, you need to look at their advantages and disadvantages to decide which is better for you.

Load capacity of the trailer

The size of a trailer’s axles can determine its load capacity. What size of load are you going to carry on the trailer? This is pretty obvious that you will need a trailer with better load capacity if you are carrying large goods. On the other hand, a moderate trailer capacity will be enough if otherwise.

Most times the rent cost of a trailer depends on its load capacity. So, it will not be wise to select a large trailer when you have a small amount of goods to transport. But it’s important to select a trailer with a larger load capacity compared to the load you have. There should be a slightly extra space on the trailer. This will be great if you may need to carry an extra item.

Tow vehicle capacity

Different tow vehicles have their specific weight capacity. It does not really depend on the size of the trailer. So, you need to know the tow capacity of the trailer you intend on using. This is because when you exceed the limit, it can lead to serious breakdown. A lot of things may go wrong, including overheating of the engine.  When renting a trailer, find out the tow capacity and make sure it is enough to carry your load. Otherwise, you may have to look for another alternative.

Certain things you should know before you install an industrial generator

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There are always complications when installing heavy duty equipment if you don’t carry out your homework. There are certain considerations you should make to ensure a successful installation. When you are installing an industrial generator, these tips will help you carry out a successful installation.

Selecting the right generator

Are you going to install a portable or backup generator? Although portable generators may come in handy and are more affordable, they will not offer you total peace of mind. They don’t offer the convenience and power of a backup generator. On a general note, a portable generator needs you to run wire extensions all over the building. They also need a lot of fuel to keep them operational for a long time.

On the contrary, backup generators are installed on a permanent basis. They are more efficient and operate quieter than portable models. So, the choice will be yours to make, whether installing a portable or backup generator. Since we are talking about an industrial generator here, a backup generator will be more ideal.

Consider the installation environment

Select a good place you need to install the generator. The site should be far from offices because of the light noise. You should situate it in a safer place too. If the generator uses gasoline, it’s important to select a safe site where there will be lesser risk of inflammation.

Select the right brand

There are different brands and models of generators. They also come in different sizes. Some brands have simple installation instructions than others. This will make things easier for you. Also, some models have readily available parts when there is a problem with any part. Try to select a model with available replacement parts. It will make things easier for you whenever you need to change any part.

Find out the environmental guidelines regarding installation in your area

Some local authorities provide guidelines and rules when installing an industrial generator. If you are installing a large plant, you need to seek for approval from the right authorities. They will approve the safety of the site and other factors they will point out. It is better to consult them before installing the generator to prevent any issues in the future.

In conclusion, an industrial generator will bring peace of mind and convenience in your operations. They are more important when you are operating in an area with less constant power supply. The above steps will guide you towards the successful installation of an industrial generator.

What you need to know before you rent heavy equipment

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If you are looking to rent heavy equipment for your project, there are certain things you need to consider. This will ensure you take the best decision that will be beneficial to your company. Know that different companies have different types of equipment with a wide range of prices. You also need to consider how perfect that equipment will fit into your plans. The following guidelines will have you make the right choice when renting equipment.

How long do you need the machine?

Do you need the equipment for a long period of time or for a shorter period. It will help you decide whether you really need to rent or buy the equipment. You have to find out which one is more feasible for you. It is recommended to go for outright purchase when you will need the machine for up to 5 years. Unless you don’t have enough finance to buy completely or you are using the equipment sparingly within a year, you should consider renting. It’s a long term investment that will yield good results in future.

Find out the cost of the machine

As stated earlier, different equipment have their different renting costs. Consider what you really need the equipment for and if the machine will be a perfect fit. That is when you will know what it actually costs to rent the machine. Do not reach out to only one supplier. Consider other suppliers and find out which one is more feasible and less expensive. If you don’t check other suppliers, you wouldn’t know how cheap you would have gotten a particular equipment for rent.

Understand how the machine works

Is your company fully equipped to make use of the machine? Some people make the mistake of renting an equipment they find very difficult to use. Are you staff trained enough to use such equipment. When you find out about your company’s competency when using the machine, it will prevent you from wasting money unnecessarily.

What is the strength of the machine?

It is not unusual to see some suppliers renting out a machine that seem almost obsolete. To avoid falling into this trap, ask to test run the machine.  Make sure the equipment is fully ready to do the tasks you want it for.  You are going to experience delays in projects when your rented equipment breaks down along the way. This will waste your time and money. So, it’s important to inspect the equipment properly before renting.

The above are some of the things you have to consider before renting heavy equipment. When you take note of these things, it will help you select the right machine that is ideal for your project.  It will also help you stay within your budget.