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Understanding Gantry Cranes and The Different Types Available

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Modern technological advancements have helped man develop some great innovations. Some of these innovations can be attributed to equipment such as cranes. Cranes have a lot of applications, from large-scale work to work that does not span large areas. In order to accommodate the different tasks that cranes are applied for, there are different types of cranes, one of which is a gantry crane. The gantry crane is quite effective. It can move heavy and bulky materials for long distances within the working area. Some can lift a load of up to eight thousand pounds and move it twenty feet across the working area. The same gantry crane can do many different types of jobs with ease. Most companies opt for customized gantry cranes to cater to the specific needs of the company. As a reliable gantry crane supplier in UAE, we bring you an in-depth understanding of gantry cranes.

What Is A Gantry Crane?

We can define this type of crane as one that sits upon a gantry. It is usually supported by a bridge-like structure on wheels or a rail system. That means that they are mobile and can move cargo as well as move with it. The crane can also incorporate a workstation giving the operator the flexibility to move cargo efficiently. The crane is usually used outdoors where there can be free movement.

Different Types Of Gantry Cranes

Different gantry cranes are used in different places, such as factories, manufacturing units, and construction sites.

Full Gantry Crane

This type of crane constitutes two supporting poles that can move along a fixed rail.

Semi-Gantry Crane

It differentiates itself from the full gantry by having one pole running on a horizontal rail while the other on a vertical one.

Portable Gantry Crane

This is another type of gantry crane, one which can be easily carried and assembled in different locations.

Gantry Crane Applications

Gantry cranes have a lot of applications, especially in areas that take advantage of their mobility. Such includes ports where they are used to load and offload cargo from ships. They can easily work near large pools of water and perform their work without tipping the boat. They are also used in manufacturing industries, especially those that deal with large, heavy objects and special construction sites. In construction sites, gantry cranes can be used to load up and transport construction materials to different locations.

Gantry Crane Design Considerations

The design of gantry cranes is developed depending on the task it will be performing. Due to their size and weight, they usually need a lot of space to work in as well as solid ground to move around. Some also have vertical mobility designs, which can be handy, especially when moving loads in vertical positions. Such also means that the crane’s operational height can be easily altered to suit the needs of the work taking place.


Gantry cranes have become very instrumental in shipping yards, manufacturing industries as well as some construction sites. Their utilization ensures that certain tasks can be accomplished and that the cost of operation and time required to finish certain tasks are met. Since Gantry cranes come in various designs and classifications, ensure you get the right gantry crane for your company. Customized gantry cranes are also available.