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Tips To Choose the Best Gantry Crane For Your Business

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Gantry cranes are one of the essential heavy-duty equipment used mainly in the construction sector for performing heavy weight lifting activities. The holding hoist in this crane moves horizontally across a rail system. It is highly efficient for object handling in outdoor as well as indoor spaces. With a simple structure, gantry cranes require minimal maintenance and offer consistent performance. It is environment-friendly construction equipment as it doesn’t involve the emission of any toxic substances and generates very less noise. The immense flexibility and adjustable nature of gantry cranes make them best for the easy movement of heavy objects. Here are some important factors to consider while approaching a gantry crane supplier in UAE:

Loading Capacity

Selecting the right crane with adequate lifting capacity, as per your requirement, will help avoid spending extra on bigger cranes. Firstly, determine the amount and type of load-lifting required at the site. Considering the heaviest object to be moved, choose the gantry crane with the adequate weight capacity. You may check the crane specifications to have a clear calculation of the crane’s capacity. If you need a crane that can work in much overhead clearance to move lighter loads, single girder cranes are a better choice. However, double girder cranes work well with heavy loads in areas that have much lower ceilings.

Gantry Crane Span

The width of the crane is a crucial factor as it tells if you will be able to accommodate the objects under the crane for lifting them. While the crane span has to be narrow enough in order to fit into the space you wish to use, it should also be wide enough for smooth loading and unloading. Some modern gantry cranes come with adjustable-width that offers better flexibility.

Wheel Tread Type

If you need a gantry crane to use in on smooth surfaces, rubber-tired cranes are the best that easily moves over plain areas without obstruction. To move objects in a limited space on a restricted track or route, rail-mounted cranes will be effective as they only move across the metal rails fitted on the ground.

Product and Manufacturer Background

Reliability and high-performance are highly essential when it comes to industrial equipment, as you deal with serious tasks involving high risks. You need to conduct proper research and check the quality and experience of the manufacturing company to determine the product performance and warranty. Customer reviews through online sources or direct contact will also be beneficial in getting a first-hand option to choose the perfect gantry crane with essential features and tough nature.