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Five types of Cranes Used in the UAE

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Five types of Cranes Used in the UAE

The types of cranes depend on the work they are being used for. Mainly cranes have been used n construction purposes. UAE is an evolving country with construction as its backbone. The modern marvels of architecture stand for the excellence of mind and execution of ideas. One can easily rent cranes for their personal and professional constructions underway. UAE enjoys the top place globally from housing to commercial because of its contemporary designs.

UAE’s population is increasing daily as expatriates find it one of the most attractive destinations for relocation and migration due to the top-notch amenities and living standards. This increase demands more houses and construction sites, due to which heavy equipment use has increased considerably.

5 types of Cranes Used in UAE

  • All-terrain cranes are made to work on both smooth surfaces and challenging terrain. Compared to ordinary cars, they have added wheels installed for stability and to prevent tipping over on rough terrain. All-terrain cranes are frequently used for dual-purpose tasks instead of rough terrain and vehicle-mounted cranes.
  • The considerable boom (arm) of telescopic cranes has numerous hydraulic cylinders installed one within the other, allowing the boom to expand or contract like a telescope. Most telescopic cranes are mounted on rails to facilitate transportation to and from various places. They are, therefore, perfect for quick construction projects like installing signal towers.
  • As the name suggests, these cranes are mounted on trucks. They are only transported to a building site when necessary and comprise a carrier (truck) and a boom (arm). Outriggers are used on truck-mounted cranes to help keep them stable while operating on a job site. They are primarily employed in the building, upkeep, and inspection of bridges.
  • Rough terrain cranes are made to work in challenging environments where standard truck-mounted cranes are impractical. They have four rubber tires instead of tracks and are constructed similarly to crawler cranes. Telescopic booms and outriggers are added to rough terrain cranes to increase stability and simplify maneuvering in rugged terrain.
  • Crawler cranes are explicitly made for moving huge loads around a building site. Crawlers lack wheels and are mounted on an undercarriage with two rubber tracks. The crawler’s turning ability is constrained by this design, but it also makes it easier to go through the soft ground without sinking. Some crawler cranes include telescopic arms that enable size expansion or contraction, improving their capacity to function in various terrains. These construction cranes are perfect for lengthy projects due to their enormous proportions.


Al-Faris group offers invaluable services in this area that are unequaled in the construction sector if you’re seeking the types of cranes described above, operators, and the best-maintained Equipment. Affordable services that are safe and secure are available.



Why You Should Rent a Generator Instead of Buying One

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Why You Should Rent a Generator Instead of Buying One


The endless power supply is the core demand of any commercial operation. With heavy machinery operations, the demand for high-powered generate is inevitable. Each set has unique requirements when we speak of power suppliers like generators. Once you determine the size and type of generator you need for operations, the next big question is whether to buy one or opt for generator rental services in Dubai. Most experts suggest seeking the assistance of professional generator suppliers in Dubai.

Here are some benefits you will enjoy by renting a generator for your commercial or industrial level operations.

Faster Acquisition

If you need an emergency power backup, renting a generator is your only option. A reliable generator rental company in Dubai will provide quick solutions to keep your operations running. It is faster than buying, installing and operating by purchasing a new generator. Al Faris group offers a full line of engine-driven generators. Most of these machines are available for rent at short notice.

No Installation Cost

Of course, you would love to save as much money as possible. As different projects demand different sizes of generators, you might often find the need to buy a new one with every project. This will add unnecessary costs o purchase, installation, maintenance, storage and security etc. On the other hand, a generator rental in Dubai can save you from all the hassle and waste of money. You can order one whenever you need it and pay only for the time you use the generator. The generator rental company experts will care for the flawless working, installation and moving costs.

Configuration Options

Your project demands can vary from time to time. Every situation calls for a different set of machines and techniques to complete the task. It impacts the type, size and configuration settings of the machinery you use in project completion. The same rule implies to power generators. But this does not mean that you need to invest a hefty amount in buying an entire range of machinery and generator to keep things running.

A smart solution to the situation is to hire a commercial equipment rental company in Dubai. Companies like Al Faris Group own a fleet of heavy-duty machinery for different commercial processes. Here you can find any type or size of the rental generator. Most of them come with multiple configuration options like different connection ports, advanced control panels, voltage switches and more.

Moreover, these rental panels are usually easier to modify, and you can customize them according to your needs.

Ideal Investment for Short Term Projects

Generator rental services are ideal for short-term projects. They are also best if you have a limited budget or time for project completion. So renting is a smart choice if you need a generator for a small construction project or a special event.

This way, you can save yourself from the hassle of searching and buying an appropriate item. All you need to do is search for the best diesel generator rental in Dubai and tell them your requirement. Experts at Al Faris Group will review your demand and suggest the most appropriate cranes, or heavy transport machines option per your needs.



Things to Choosing While a Crane Hire Company in Dubai

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Things to Choosing While a Crane Hire Company in Dubai


Are you in the commercial construction sector in Dubai? If so,  you are often in need of heavy-duty machinery like cranes hire in Dubai. Once or more, you might have worked with a crane rental company in UAE. If you are unsatisfied with the services or it’s your first time reaching out to one such company, you might have issues finding the right one.

First of all, note that you will need a company that is experienced and trusted, like Al Faris Group. The company must have its own fleet of machines for hire or rent. This crane supplier in UAE  must also have years of experience serving the market. Here are some important things to consider when selecting a crane company in Dubai.


The first thing to check is if the company follows safety measures and the standard rule and regulations from higher authorities. The company needs to offer insurance to their employees. If they do not offer such basic facilities to the employees, they might not be able to compensate you in case of an issue.

How a company reacts in case of an event is an important evaluation factor. Being a business owner, you would not like to risk hiring a commercial crane rental service that does not have comprehensive insurance from a reliable insurance company. So look for crane service provider’s insurance proof while shortlisting.

Years of Experience

It is normal to feel tempted to opt for cheaper options. But it would be wiser to look for a crane rental company that has been in business for years. No matter if they are charging a little more, it’s worth investing in such a company. If a company lacks field experience and the operators are naïve, you might end up paying in more than one way. For instance:

  • The project might halt.
  • It might take longer than expected to complete the project
  • You become more vulnerable to accidents
  • Your property may get damaged etc.

Be bold to ask the company how many years of experience they have. You can also ask them what types and levels of projects they have completed. Remember, hiring a company with years of experience; can save both time and money.

You can also question them about the operator’s training requirements. The operators should be able to share their credentials. Once you get all the data, compare it with the other short-listed companies. The comparison will give you a better idea of which one to choose.

Reputation and Customer Service

The next thing about the company is what the market and previous clients say about the performance and services of the company. The selected company must have several positive testimonials and reviews from customers. Also, remember that a reliable crane rental company will have returning customers. So if the customers are saying good about the company, they are professional and reliable.

You will also like to hire a company that can deal with emergencies. If this is one of your core concerns, you can ask straight questions about their strategies to deal with such a situation. At Al Faris Group, we work with experienced professionals and a dedicated customer support team that can offer you all the answers in no time. So you can talk to us unless you are completely satisfied with hiring us for affordable trailer or crane rental services in UAE.



Things to Consider While Choosing RIG Transport Company in Dubai

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Things to Consider While Choosing RIG Transport Company in Dubai


Heavy machinery is expensive and demands special techniques to clean, operate, install, manage and transport. One of the best-selling services Al Faris Group is known for is RIG transport in Dubai. However, several other companies claim to offer such services. You need to check for when booking RIG move in UAE.

The Reputation of Company 

The first thing is what the market says or thinks about the company you choose to work with. It is important to choose a trusted company for their offered services. You can do that by checking Google reviews from previous customers. You can also check the testimonials of previous companies or businesses that used the services. Make sure the company has several positive reviews.

Read the reviews carefully to know what special skills or benefits you should expect to enjoy after hiring the RIG move services of the particular company. If you are still not sure, you can check with your peers. You can ask them for recommendations on which company to choose.


The time in business is an important indicator of the quality of the company’s services. Companies with years of experience are usually well versed in dealing with any emergency situation. They have all the tools, techniques and tricks to keep the project up and to run. They will also know all the routes that can help you deliver the RIG from one point to another in lesser time and with security from damage or accident. Therefore look for a company that has been in the market for a while.


A professional company that claims to deal with RIG heavy transport in UAE should have an exclusive fleet of its own. They must have an entire range of machinery that can help you complete your project. You should be able to see all the equipment on their website. If that is not possible you can as for a brochure.

The customer service persons at Al Faris Group are also available for a one-to-one discussion to answer all such questions. You can talk to them over the call or in a one-to-one meeting to know what range of services, equipment and facilities they offer.



How to Hire the Right Crane for Your Project

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How to Hire the Right Crane for Your Project


Renting a crane instead of purchasing a new one is indeed a more practical and smart business decision. It is specifically helpful for small to medium size businesses or projects with a limited budget. Specifically, the cranes come in various sizes and types to suit a wide range of project types. This discussion will help you brainstorm how to choose the best crane or Rough Terrain Crane for your project.

Determine the Height & Capacity

Crane is meant to lift and heavy transport machinery from point A to Point B on a construction site. So it is important to check the task requirements while selecting a crane for hire. Evaluate your construction project area to determine what is the maximum height and distance you want the crane to carry the load.

Secondly, the lift height goes hand in hand with the crane’s capacity. So when selecting a crane, you should consider that the capacity decreases as the height increases. With this, you can also have an idea about the number of times the crane might need to lift an item from Point A to Point B.

The Site Terrian 

This is an important element to consider while deciding the type of crane you will hire. Remember, rough terrain cranes are much different in construction and capability compared to other ones in the market. And not all the suppliers offer rental for rough terrain cranes in Dubai. But if your construction site terrain is too rough and you have no idea what to use, call Al Faris Group for advice. We can give you recommendations on the suitable options for your needs.

Check Access Areas

Before picking a crane for the job, visit the construction area. Check if there is enough access for the equipment before, during and after the crane installation. Here you must also ensure that the access route is wide enough that it can easily accommodate the crane and allow uninterrupted operations. Moreover, it must also allow easy access to construction material. It is especially important when working in a residential, high traffic or secluded area.

Calculate the Costs

Another important point is to know your budget and the cost of hiring a machine like a hydraulic trailer in Dubai. It is important for every business and helps keep things in control. However, consider that the supplier’s experience and the crane’s quality is important. You will get what you pay for. So never settle for less or unreliable sources or machines just to save a few bucks.

Also, read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing or hiring a company for a rental crane or hydraulic trailer in UAE. With such factors in mind, you can consider a reliable service provider. For any further concerns, questions or hiring, contact Al Faris Group now.