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Types of Cranes you Should Know About before Renting in Dubai

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Prefer to rent cranes because it’ll be easier to deal with as the crane rental companies in Dubai look after the requirements and maintenance of cranes by themselves. Knowing the different types of cranes can significantly help in completing your next project more efficiently

Types of Cranes According to Their Uses:

You can identify cranes according to the nature of their use; commonly cranes are used for different purposes:

For Moving Items in Small Spaces: the carry deck crane is comparatively tiny compared to other cranes. They are widely used for moving heavy items in small places or construction sites due to their small size and easy setup. If your warehouse has a small space to haul stuff, a carry deck crane would be the best choice for you.

To Work on Uneven Surfaces: If you’re looking for a crane that can work on uneven and soft surfaces, a crawler crane should be your choice. As crawler cranes have tracks instead of typical wheels, it’s easier for them to work efficiently on a soft surface. They are also better for long-term projects because of their other features like telescopic arm to pick and drop item from a long distance and heavy body.

To Carry the Load on Different Sites: For moving heavy equipment that is needed to move from one location to another. It’s highly recommended to use the truck-mounted crane. They have telescopic arm and a truck both installed. So you can lift heavy items with an extended arm and carry them in the truck to move towards another site using only one vehicle, and also truck-mounted crane can easily travel on roads.

To Operate on a Rough Surface: If you’re looking for a crane that can be used to pick and move stuff on a rough and rocky surface, rent a rough terrain crane, as their wheels are specially designed to move efficiently on rocky grounds. The arm of rough terrain crane is also expandable to different lengths, which makes moving and loading smoother.

For Industrial Use: In industries, cranes are an absolute need. It’s better to use bridge cranes for moving heavy stuff life cargo containers in your industry, as they can be fixed in one place with a more substantial base to carry heavy loads. Bridge cranes typically have two designs according to the weight they can lift and their setup; you can choose one of them as per the need of your industry.


As a business owner or worker who is looking for cranes to move stuff, you should contact one of the best crane rental companies in Dubai, like Al Faris group. Al faris Crane Rental in Dubai is a professional provider of cranes, jib cranes, gearless excavators and other construction equipment. Its wide range of services helps customers to achieve success on all kinds of operations.



Analyze these Factors before Renting a Mobile Crane in Dubai:

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Due to the mobility of mobile cranes, they are the best for construction, loading, unloading, etc. If your work involves moving stuff to different Sites, you can rent a mobile crane Dubai from a well-known company.

Mobile Crane Job Conditions:

Before Renting a mobile crane, you should analyze these points;

Area of Job’s Location: The area of your Job’s location has a considerable impact on the mobility and working capability of the Crane. If you hire a crane without assessing the size of the site, the movement of the crane would be restricted. For a larger area, it’s significant to hire a big crane so the work will be more frequent, and if the site of your Job is small, hire a tiny crane, like a carry deck crane, so it can move quickly on limited space without causing damage to the site or the crane.

The Ground of the Working Site: Every crane has different wheels to move smoothly on other grounds. Inspect the base of the site, whether the ground is soft or rough, before hiring a mobile crane. For rough terrain, you should hire a crane with heavy and big tires which can move swiftly on a bumpy surface. If your job site has uneven and soft terrain, consider hiring a crane with tracks like crawlers because they are manufactured to run on soft ground.

Load and Volume of Stuff: All cranes are typically for lifting heavy weights, but their load limit is different. Measure the volume of the material you’re going to lift with the crane, then check the weight limits of suitable cranes. You can ask about the weight limit from the rental agency as they have better knowledge. Make sure to hire a crane that can lift your items effortlessly. Pick a crane with high weight limit than the load of your items to avoid any mishap in case of miscalculation.

Storage Place for Crane: On the site, not every work requires assessment of cranes, so you’re not going to use the crane all the time. Set up an accessible place where you can keep the crane safely. As the rental crane is the property of the rental agency, it’s necessary to keep it in good condition; otherwise, you’ll have to pay a heavy price for damages that occurs due to your irresponsibility.

Final Words:

By following these tips, you can complete your project without any errors or delay. The right equipment can level the progress of your work, so choose equipment carefully. Alfaris group offers experts advice and extensive information about the cranes that customers can rent.


5 Effective Tips For Renting a Crane in Dubai:

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Renting is better in many aspects, so most businesses tend to rent a crane instead of buying. If your first time renting a crane wasn’t too great, you should read these tips to rent a crane without any troubles.

Tips for Renting a Crane:

Here are some valuable tips for renting a crane for your upcoming project:

Analyze your Requirements: To successfully rent a suitable crane, it’s necessary to evaluate the scale of your project and set the timeline to sign the contract according to predicted timeline. Also, inspect the size of job’s site and the terrain to hire the crane compatible with the size and terrain of job’s location.

Hire a Professional to Operate the Setup: To set up cranes at the designated place, you should hire an expert rigger. The rigger ensured the safety and functionality of the crane as he tied the straps, cables, and chains. He can also perform some other loading duties if you include them in contract. Hiring a professional and expert is crucial because a slight mistake in the setup of the crane can cause some severe damages not only financially, but minor negligence can swallow up human life.

Look for Rental Agencies Beforehand: Don’t plan to rent a crane at the last moment. Contact different agencies months, before starting the project, compare their prices and discount offers, and check the equipment and the condition of the cranes. It’s better to hire a crane rental agency with a long and good record and sign a contract with the most suitable one.

Ready your Location: Equipment to set up cranes is typically delivered in trucks. Before the arrival of the truck with equipment, make sure to clear some space for the truck so it can drop the crane’s equipment where it should be placed. By preparing to receive the crane beforehand, you can save some time.

Book in Advance: After deciding a crane rental agency, tell them about your demands and which type of crane you want. Book the crane in advance so it’ll be available when you need the crane, because it’s possible that the crane you want wouldn’t be available on the day of your project. This ignorance can cause a delay in work and will affect your working timeline negatively.

Rent According to Project Timeline: The common mistake people often make is that they don’t set the project timeline accurately, which disrupts the contract. Discuss the accurate timeline with the rental agency so you can use the crane until you need it.

In Conclusion:

Alfaris Crane Services should be your first choice while choosing a crane rental company. They offer the most competitive crane hire and hoisting services in Dubai. Do not hesitate to use their website to search for everything you need regarding cranes and lifting. You can book any mobile or static crane to complete your project from them.



Privileges of Renting a Crane Instead of Buying

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As a business owner, it’s more favorable to rent cranes for loading, unloading, and moving stuff. As the business already requires hefty investment to operate, buying these cranes will only increase your burden so its’ better to rent a crane to fulfil your required needs.

Advantages of Renting a Crane:

Renting a crane have many practical benefits, such as:

Cost-efficient: The top use of renting a crane instead of buying is definitely prices. As cranes are considered heavy machinery, they are quite expensive, and you may not need cranes daily. However, you can rent a crane at low prices whenever you need to use a crane for your project.

No Need For Maintenance: Cranes aren’t just expensive, but they require regular maintenance and inspection. Maintenance and insurance charges for cranes are also high. You have to look after all these things as an owner, but if you rent a crane for a limited period, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as it’s the responsibility of the rental agency. If any part of the crane stops working and needs to be replaced, you’ll not be responsible; instead, the rental agency fixes the damage on its own.

Quick Access: Rental agencies mostly deliver the crane to job’s site; you don’t have to worry about the transportation of cranes. Also, rental agencies have proper transport that is required to move the crane, and the rental agency know how to handle the cranes.

Less Documentation: For renting a crane, the demand for documents from the rental company wouldn’t be too complex; you have to submit the safety deposit and some essential documents regarding your business. Though, for purchasing the crane, the paperwork is lengthy, and you’ll need tons of documents like insurance, government permit etc.

No Need to Hire Special Staff: For operating your own crane, you’ll have to hire a special team to look after the machine, train them to operate the crane, and keep their license updated, but by renting a crane at the time of need you can also hire some professionals for a limited time instead of hiring a full time team.

On-Site Repair Facility: Rental companies have professional mechanics to fix the crane if any damage occurs during the work. You can contact the rental agency, and they will send their workers to repair the damage quickly. If you purchase the crane, you also have to buy other equipment in case of malfunctioning, so renting a crane is convenient.

Final Words;

There are many heavy truck transport companies in Dubai that are also providing cranes on rent. Renting a crane is better than buying; it by all means. Al-Faris is also one of those well-managed companies. Al Faris is a well-equipped, registered, and professional crane rental company in Dubai providing heavy machinery and equipment such as Cranes, Crawler cranes and tower cranes on rent for a short or long periods at very reasonable prices.



Safety Measures of using Generators at Construction Site

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Construction projects that lack access to any existing infrastructure, in particular, depend heavily on generators to be completed effectively. While working on the project, you must connect a generator if you require energy for your lighting, equipment, and other needs.

Safety Measures of using Generators at Construction Site

Generators are unquestionably lifesavers. They can, however, be harmful, mainly if not utilized correctly. Numerous users have suffered because of carelessness or ignorance. It would help if you thus learned crucial safety measures.

Transport it Safely

Moving your generator to and from a building site is the first possible hazard. Please make sure the gasoline valve is shut off before loading it into a truck or trailer and give it enough time to cool down before you begin transporting it. Once it is loaded, secure it with straps or bungee cords and tarp it to protect it from dust and road debris. Maintain its upright position; turning your generator over might result in significant damage.

Connect it Correctly

If done incorrectly, connecting a generator to a home or building’s electrical system can be dangerous, mainly if linemen work nearby. The local grid may experience hazardous feedback as a result. Always use a transfer switch if you’re connecting a generator to a building’s power grid. It functions by blocking feedback and avoiding potentially damaging damage by separating the circuits you need to direct electricity to.

Use in Ventilated Space

Even if you use the generator at home, this is probably the most crucial generator safety advice. Use it only outside or in a space with good ventilation. Generator engines release the same exhaust you’ll find in vehicles and trucks – carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other poisons. Outside, this isn’t ideal, but indoors or in places without ventilation, it can be harmful or even fatal. Avoid using one indoors.

Limit the usage capacity

Each generator has a maximum capacity where it can safely run. The machine will be turned off if you go beyond that limit and hit the breaker. Although it might be tempting to walk that edge, using your tools to the very limit to do as much as possible, it’s not a good idea. Limit the amount of time your generator is running at full power. This will increase the lifespan of your machinery and stop failures or other risks from endangering operators and people around.

Bottom Line:

Using rental generators comes with great responsibility and must be handled with care. Even operators must be trained to use them at construction sites to avoid hazards and life-threatening accidents. Al-Faris group furnishes valuable services in heavy equipment rental like generators all around UAE at affordable rates.