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Five Essential Equipment You need at a Construction Site.

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Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, plasterers, and other professional and unskilled labourers can all find work in the construction industry. Although the construction business has some safety dangers, like many other sectors, these risks can frequently be reduced by employing the appropriate equipment, making it an excellent industry to work in overall. Many heavy equipment rentals Dubai are working their way out in one of the biggest construction industries.

Safety at a Construction Site is Important

On a building site, specialized equipment is frequently needed to accomplish safety and efficiency and, of course, trained staff to operate the equipment. The majority of workers demand security in their jobs as well as a competitive wage. Rental companies have experienced staff to operate the heavy equipment they rent to minimize the risk of danger and ensure safety.

Five Essential Equipment at Construction Site


Cranes that are both mobile and self-standing are required to start a project. They may be utilized for heavy lifting and are practical. Hire a crane if you are working on a sizable construction project and need to transfer bricks and metal components.


Most building sites all around the world employ generators. They are employed in the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Their responsibility is to maintain power at the construction site so work can proceed without interruption. Construction efforts are hampered by frequent power outages and blackouts without generators.


On a construction site, forklifts are primarily used to make lifting and moving items more accessible. They are critical in warehouses, where some products or equipment could be too large for workers to carry alone. Forklifts come in various designs and functions since several duties must be completed at warehouses and construction sites.

Slide and Jack System

When using cranes, jack and slide services (sometimes referred to as jack and roll services) are the best options for transporting expensive equipment in confined quarters. This industrial rigging technique may appear complicated, but it is incredibly safe and well-tuned, which is why it is such a trusted technique.

Energy Solutions

The energy solutions provide all the necessary energy solutions at the construction site, from simple generator rentals and light towers to complete turnkey design, installation, testing, and commissioning of multi-megawatt power plants; heavy equipment rental offers comprehensive power solutions. A rental generator provides an electrical power supply for ad hoc requirements, maintenance tasks, peak shaving scenarios, project execution delays, or seasonal demands. They offer both short-term and long-term rental power transformer and generator solutions.

Final Word:

Al Faris promises to provide nothing less than excellence, whether it’s the equipment or trained staff, for all the essential and must-have heavy rental equipment. The spectrum of lifting equipment in Dubai and accessories like attachments for supporting, fixing, or anchoring the equipment.

As the leading provider of lifting equipment in the UAE, Al Faris Group’s products include overhead cranes and the runways that support them, vehicle tail lifts and cranes mounted on vehicles, telehandlers and forklifts, as well as various lifting accessories. Lifting jacks, another kind of equipment used for lifting cars and supporting buildings as well as levelling or placing big objects, are another example. They offer cost-effective heavy rentals equipment Dubai mentioned above with experienced staff.



Types of Trailers for Hauling I Trailer Rental Dubai I Al-Faris group

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Trailer rental Dubai is the ultimate choice regarding construction equipment hauling at construction sites for hassle-free work. This rental trailer is economical as buying equipment may not be favourable for small construction companies. Even some large-scale construction companies rely on rental companies for smooth collaboration.

Types of Trailers for Hauling

Each trailer type has a wide range of benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the finest heavy trailers to employ in any carrying circumstance is crucial for fleet managers, logistics managers, and owner or truck operators.

Construction projects require much carrying to and from the site, whether it be materials or tools like forklifts, backhoes, or dozers. Heavy equipment rental Dubai provides a variety of trailer types for hauling everything associated with your construction project, whether it be removing junk items or transferring heavy construction equipment.

The types of trailers used for hauling are :


We’ll start by talking about low-bed trailers used for carrying. The moniker “lowboy” refers to how low the trailer can get compared to other trailers, thanks to its ability to lower its deck height. The lowboy is a particular kind of semitrailer that is used to transport hefty construction machinery. Heavy construction equipment can “roll on or roll off” these near-ground trailers thanks to the lowboy’s capabilities, which makes loading and unloading a snap. They are best for hauling :

  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Compactors
  • Skid Steers
  • Wheel Loader Backhoes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes

Hydraulic Trailers

It has hydraulic mechanisms to dump goods easily and is perfect for carrying waste and landscaping supplies. Due to state and local bridge regulations restricting how much weight a trailer may tow and distribute between its axles, dump trailer sizes sometimes vary. Dump trailer lengths begin at 28 feet, but they can go up to 42 feet depending on the project and local regulations.

Final Word:

Are you looking for a trailer rental Dubai? You can rely on the renowned and most trusted Al-Faris Group. The Al Faris Group has solidified its position as the top provider of heavy equipment rentals in the MENA region. Our ever-expanding fleet of rental cranes and heavy machines may handle even the most challenging and complex heavy lifting, heavy transport, and temporary energy solutions requirements.

In addition to providing gantry cranes, forklifts, and mobile and crawler cranes, we also serve as a crane supplier and offer additional heavy lifting tools such as hydraulic trailers, man lifts, generators, transformers, and welding machines.