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Our Experienced Engineers & Technicians have a big Impact on your Project Uptime!

One of our core competencies is to provide our customers with professional consultation and technical assessments for all types of heavy lifting job requirements by our trained and qualified technical and lifting personnel. This ensures safer lifting techniques and reduces poor job diligence.

Our motto for a project is to use the right equipment for the right job. Engineered rigging studies are performed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency; objects are weighed and their centers of gravity are determined; plans are drafted to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project path.

Al Faris provides Computer Aided Design Lift Plans, Method Statements and Job Risk & Hazard Assessments. We also provide all the required lifting information and specific equipment parameters to our customers for assessment, verification and approvals for critical lifting activities. Over the years we have performed numerous lifts and received awards for our ‘out of the box’ solutions for critical lifting and heavy transportation feats. Our team has the experience and competency to find a solution for all your lifting needs and provide you with a safe and optimum strategy for lifting, heavy transport, jacking and skidding, load testing and load COG analysis.