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Al Faris Group is an expert in the process of rig transport in the UAE. Rig move is an activity that requires precise scheduling, coordinated labor, and in-depth knowledge of the oil field. The truck drivers who operate with us are highly experienced and safety-conscious working in tandem with crane and forklift operators who are all supervised by a team of efficient managers. The job of moving oil pipes and machinery from the old site to new is a complex task of which the result should be the successful operation of the rig. If you are looking to transport or move a rig in Dubai or any location within the UAE in the most organized manner, then you can trust us. Contact us today to know more about our rig move service or to receive a customized quote.

How rig move in UAE work?

As a rig transport service provider, we assist our clients and rig owners with the planning and risk assessment of the operation as per the industry best practice. To simplify the entire process – the rigs are first disassembled, transported to the new location, and put together in an efficient, safe, and economically sound manner by our experienced UAE-based rig move crew.

Rig Transport Service

Client Testimonials

We trust only Al Faris Group for our rig move in Dubai operations as we are sure of quality work being provided on a consistent basis. – Shiraz

For all our rig transport needs in UAE, we work with Al Faris Group as they are the industry leader in our opinion. – Abdur-Rahman