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Five types of Cranes Used in the UAE

The types of cranes depend on the work they are being used for. Mainly cranes have been used n construction purposes. UAE is an evolving country with construction as its backbone. The modern marvels of architecture stand for the excellence of mind and execution of ideas. One can easily rent cranes for their personal and professional constructions underway. UAE enjoys the top place globally from housing to commercial because of its contemporary designs.

UAE’s population is increasing daily as expatriates find it one of the most attractive destinations for relocation and migration due to the top-notch amenities and living standards. This increase demands more houses and construction sites, due to which heavy equipment use has increased considerably.

5 types of Cranes Used in UAE

  • All-terrain cranes are made to work on both smooth surfaces and challenging terrain. Compared to ordinary cars, they have added wheels installed for stability and to prevent tipping over on rough terrain. All-terrain cranes are frequently used for dual-purpose tasks instead of rough terrain and vehicle-mounted cranes.
  • The considerable boom (arm) of telescopic cranes has numerous hydraulic cylinders installed one within the other, allowing the boom to expand or contract like a telescope. Most telescopic cranes are mounted on rails to facilitate transportation to and from various places. They are, therefore, perfect for quick construction projects like installing signal towers.
  • As the name suggests, these cranes are mounted on trucks. They are only transported to a building site when necessary and comprise a carrier (truck) and a boom (arm). Outriggers are used on truck-mounted cranes to help keep them stable while operating on a job site. They are primarily employed in the building, upkeep, and inspection of bridges.
  • Rough terrain cranes are made to work in challenging environments where standard truck-mounted cranes are impractical. They have four rubber tires instead of tracks and are constructed similarly to crawler cranes. Telescopic booms and outriggers are added to rough terrain cranes to increase stability and simplify maneuvering in rugged terrain.
  • Crawler cranes are explicitly made for moving huge loads around a building site. Crawlers lack wheels and are mounted on an undercarriage with two rubber tracks. The crawler’s turning ability is constrained by this design, but it also makes it easier to go through the soft ground without sinking. Some crawler cranes include telescopic arms that enable size expansion or contraction, improving their capacity to function in various terrains. These construction cranes are perfect for lengthy projects due to their enormous proportions.


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