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Dubai is a country of shiny scrappers with the world’s tallest buildings adorning its sky. This is a clear manifestation of the city’s construction industry and its excellence. To compete in the market and build comparatively more attractive buildings, investors leave no stone unturned to build the world’s most uniquely architectured models. This calls for innovative and modern construction methods that include excellent engineers and modern equipment.

Many companies like Al-Faris groups are providing heavy equipment and energy solutions at construction sites for efficient construction.

In this blog, we will talk about five energy solutions widely used at construction sites for different purposes.

Five Energy Providing Solutions at Construction Sites


Light Tower

Light towers are the most critical and essential equipment at any construction site to provide lights. They are must-haves for enhanced visibility as engineers and builders have to work in the dark too. These light towers are portable, easy to use, and require no professional operator. With an extensive range of options, light towers provide four times more light than the typical Halogen bulbs. Light towers come in different sizes to cater to your construction needs. One of the best advantages of these modern light towers is that they come with wheels and can be maneuvered across any terrain.

Step-up Transformers

step-up transformers are used for many purposes to cater to construction site energy needs. They mainly provide energy up to 3.3kV – 34.5kV at 50hz and 60Hz. These transformers are used for heavy-duty voltage needed to operate heavy machinery.


Generators provide the power supply at construction sites for mechanical and electrical needs. They are energy and fuel efficient and come in small, medium, and large sizes. Generators can either operate on gas or power as per their capacity. It is a construction site essential and much needed for several purposes.

Welding Machines

There are numerous uses for welding machines. Workers use it to weld thermoplastics and metals. Worldwide, various devices are utilized for multiple purposes and voltages.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are used to break or cut rocks. They are easy to operate and are used for pavements and landscaping. They can handle any stones and help you cut and mold as per your needs. These air compressors come in a wide range, such as Jackhammers, drillers, saws, wrenches, nail guns, etc.

Summary :

For all-inclusive energy solutions, you can rent from a well-known and trusted Al-Faris group with the best equipment and affordable rates. Book your equipment with a team of experts for reliable and authentic services.