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How to Hire the Right Crane for Your Project


Renting a crane instead of purchasing a new one is indeed a more practical and smart business decision. It is specifically helpful for small to medium size businesses or projects with a limited budget. Specifically, the cranes come in various sizes and types to suit a wide range of project types. This discussion will help you brainstorm how to choose the best crane or Rough Terrain Crane for your project.

Determine the Height & Capacity

Crane is meant to lift and heavy transport machinery from point A to Point B on a construction site. So it is important to check the task requirements while selecting a crane for hire. Evaluate your construction project area to determine what is the maximum height and distance you want the crane to carry the load.

Secondly, the lift height goes hand in hand with the crane’s capacity. So when selecting a crane, you should consider that the capacity decreases as the height increases. With this, you can also have an idea about the number of times the crane might need to lift an item from Point A to Point B.

The Site Terrian 

This is an important element to consider while deciding the type of crane you will hire. Remember, rough terrain cranes are much different in construction and capability compared to other ones in the market. And not all the suppliers offer rental for rough terrain cranes in Dubai. But if your construction site terrain is too rough and you have no idea what to use, call Al Faris Group for advice. We can give you recommendations on the suitable options for your needs.

Check Access Areas

Before picking a crane for the job, visit the construction area. Check if there is enough access for the equipment before, during and after the crane installation. Here you must also ensure that the access route is wide enough that it can easily accommodate the crane and allow uninterrupted operations. Moreover, it must also allow easy access to construction material. It is especially important when working in a residential, high traffic or secluded area.

Calculate the Costs

Another important point is to know your budget and the cost of hiring a machine like a hydraulic trailer in Dubai. It is important for every business and helps keep things in control. However, consider that the supplier’s experience and the crane’s quality is important. You will get what you pay for. So never settle for less or unreliable sources or machines just to save a few bucks.

Also, read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing or hiring a company for a rental crane or hydraulic trailer in UAE. With such factors in mind, you can consider a reliable service provider. For any further concerns, questions or hiring, contact Al Faris Group now.