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At a point in time, a project may need the services of heavy equipment like the trailer for haulage. With a lot of options available to rent a trailer, it can be challenging to make the right call. These tips will guide you when renting the right trailer for your needs.

Are you renting a closed or open trailer?

The type of trailer you eventually end up renting will depend on your need for it. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, open trailers are easier to load goods. You will not be bothered about causing damage on the body of the trailer. Again, they are economically viable because of their fuel economy benefits.

However, they are not safer. If you are considering a trailer because of safety reasons, a closed trailer will be a better option for you. You may decide to park the trailer overnight without worrying about the safety of the goods. So, you need to look at their advantages and disadvantages to decide which is better for you.

Load capacity of the trailer

The size of a trailer’s axles can determine its load capacity. What size of load are you going to carry on the trailer? This is pretty obvious that you will need a trailer with better load capacity if you are carrying large goods. On the other hand, a moderate trailer capacity will be enough if otherwise.

Most times the rent cost of a trailer depends on its load capacity. So, it will not be wise to select a large trailer when you have a small amount of goods to transport. But it’s important to select a trailer with a larger load capacity compared to the load you have. There should be a slightly extra space on the trailer. This will be great if you may need to carry an extra item.

Tow vehicle capacity

Different tow vehicles have their specific weight capacity. It does not really depend on the size of the trailer. So, you need to know the tow capacity of the trailer you intend on using. This is because when you exceed the limit, it can lead to serious breakdown. A lot of things may go wrong, including overheating of the engine.  When renting a trailer, find out the tow capacity and make sure it is enough to carry your load. Otherwise, you may have to look for another alternative.