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As a business owner, it’s more favorable to rent cranes for loading, unloading, and moving stuff. As the business already requires hefty investment to operate, buying these cranes will only increase your burden so its’ better to rent a crane to fulfil your required needs.

Advantages of Renting a Crane:

Renting a crane have many practical benefits, such as:

Cost-efficient: The top use of renting a crane instead of buying is definitely prices. As cranes are considered heavy machinery, they are quite expensive, and you may not need cranes daily. However, you can rent a crane at low prices whenever you need to use a crane for your project.

No Need For Maintenance: Cranes aren’t just expensive, but they require regular maintenance and inspection. Maintenance and insurance charges for cranes are also high. You have to look after all these things as an owner, but if you rent a crane for a limited period, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as it’s the responsibility of the rental agency. If any part of the crane stops working and needs to be replaced, you’ll not be responsible; instead, the rental agency fixes the damage on its own.

Quick Access: Rental agencies mostly deliver the crane to job’s site; you don’t have to worry about the transportation of cranes. Also, rental agencies have proper transport that is required to move the crane, and the rental agency know how to handle the cranes.

Less Documentation: For renting a crane, the demand for documents from the rental company wouldn’t be too complex; you have to submit the safety deposit and some essential documents regarding your business. Though, for purchasing the crane, the paperwork is lengthy, and you’ll need tons of documents like insurance, government permit etc.

No Need to Hire Special Staff: For operating your own crane, you’ll have to hire a special team to look after the machine, train them to operate the crane, and keep their license updated, but by renting a crane at the time of need you can also hire some professionals for a limited time instead of hiring a full time team.

On-Site Repair Facility: Rental companies have professional mechanics to fix the crane if any damage occurs during the work. You can contact the rental agency, and they will send their workers to repair the damage quickly. If you purchase the crane, you also have to buy other equipment in case of malfunctioning, so renting a crane is convenient.

Final Words;

There are many heavy truck transport companies in Dubai that are also providing cranes on rent. Renting a crane is better than buying; it by all means. Al-Faris is also one of those well-managed companies. Al Faris is a well-equipped, registered, and professional crane rental company in Dubai providing heavy machinery and equipment such as Cranes, Crawler cranes and tower cranes on rent for a short or long periods at very reasonable prices.