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Lifting of generator in a power plant (HP8)

Weight: 404T

Project scope

To lift 12 heavy various sized power equipment, the largest weighing 404T in confined spaces between structures.

Solution provided

Our 1000T crawler crane was used with SDWB2 configuration (main boom – 48.0m, luffer – 30.0m) while lifting the 404T generator which was one of our most impressive heavy lifts by a single crane. The entire execution included lifting of the generator from the hydraulic trailer and maneuvering the crane with the load towards the foundation which was approx. 10m distance away to achieve the planned radius. The load was then hoisted to a height of 30m and rotated over a high rise steel structure and slowly lowered to approx. 15m within the narrow space between the steel structures to the foundation level. The final alignment of the load was done by coordinating with the installation team. A similar lifting procedure was followed to safely lift the remaining 11 power equipment.