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Multi Crane Lifting Large Sized Roof Structures for the Falcon Training Centre (Civil & construction)

THE CHALLENGE – Due to the preference of construction of large structures at ground level and the requirement to lift the complete structure into final position, we were engaged to provide a multi-crane lift solution. Major problems faced were the non-availability of lifting points and the irregular angled top surfaces.

OUR SOLUTION – A combination of 4 Liebherr mobile cranes was used; 400 TON mobile crane, 500 TON mobile crane & 1200 TON mobile crane with luf fing jib combinations for the main lift. Also 50 TON and 70 TON cranes were employed with man baskets were used for aerial works. Rigging tackle design included choke hitched tie chains with suitable protection along with shackles to balance the irregular structure. Also the loads on each crane were monitored for respective uniformity according to our pre calculations.