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Forklifts must be used with proper training and care to avoid material and human loss. Minor negligence and inefficiency can cause great havoc. So, this heavy machinery should be handled with great care by experts. Many forklift rental companies work in Dubai for exceptional and risk-free services by a team of experts.

Some standard safety measures are listed below to avoid injuries.

Safety Measure of Using Forklifts

Certified Training

Most accidents occur due to inadequate training. If you want to use it, get proper certified training. Only trained and licensed people should be driving it. The employer should conduct assessments to evaluate performances and prepare those lacking behind.

Proper Clothing

The forklift operators should be wearing appropriate dresses, shoes, and hats. This will ensure their safety and can revert any accident due to inappropriate dressing. Wearing a high visibility jacket is also necessary and will be a caution to those around. Also, wear skin-fit clothes to avoid getting stuck while operating it, causing an unfortunate accident.

Inspect the Equipment before operating

Inspection is essential before operating a forklift. It will rule out any technical and mechanical issues that prevent unforeseen injury and accidents. With your supervisors, help have a checklist of all essential things and inspect the machine. Don’t forget to check: Brakes, Tyres, Steering, lights, horns, mast and guard damage, water, oil, radiator leaks, and condition of forks.

This inspection is necessary for a smooth and hazard-free operation. Also, be mindful of rules and regulations on the site to avoid any undesirable situation for your safety and those around you.

Maintain Visibility, Speed, and Capacity

The position of the forks should be kept low for 360 visibility to give you a clear view of the track and object to be lifted. Secondly, you must be aware of the capacity of the load you are to transport, don’t overload. Thirdly, after loading, maintains appropriate and safe speed. So, the forklift may not tip over while taking turns and changing directions. The maintenance and deliberate care with visibility, speed, and capacity will save you and those working around you from getting any injuries.

Summary :

The main reasons for forklift accidents are operator error, site environment, and faulty Equipment. If you want to operate a forklift to minimize the chances of accidents and injuries around the site, follow the tips mentioned above to ensure maximum safety. If you are looking for professional forklift operators and the best-maintained Equipment, Al-Faris group is rendering valuable services in this regard unmatched in the construction industry.