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Things to Choosing While a Crane Hire Company in Dubai

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Things to Choosing While a Crane Hire Company in Dubai


Are you in the commercial construction sector in Dubai? If so,  you are often in need of heavy-duty machinery like cranes hire in Dubai. Once or more, you might have worked with a crane rental company in UAE. If you are unsatisfied with the services or it’s your first time reaching out to one such company, you might have issues finding the right one.

First of all, note that you will need a company that is experienced and trusted, like Al Faris Group. The company must have its own fleet of machines for hire or rent. This crane supplier in UAE  must also have years of experience serving the market. Here are some important things to consider when selecting a crane company in Dubai.


The first thing to check is if the company follows safety measures and the standard rule and regulations from higher authorities. The company needs to offer insurance to their employees. If they do not offer such basic facilities to the employees, they might not be able to compensate you in case of an issue.

How a company reacts in case of an event is an important evaluation factor. Being a business owner, you would not like to risk hiring a commercial crane rental service that does not have comprehensive insurance from a reliable insurance company. So look for crane service provider’s insurance proof while shortlisting.

Years of Experience

It is normal to feel tempted to opt for cheaper options. But it would be wiser to look for a crane rental company that has been in business for years. No matter if they are charging a little more, it’s worth investing in such a company. If a company lacks field experience and the operators are naïve, you might end up paying in more than one way. For instance:

  • The project might halt.
  • It might take longer than expected to complete the project
  • You become more vulnerable to accidents
  • Your property may get damaged etc.

Be bold to ask the company how many years of experience they have. You can also ask them what types and levels of projects they have completed. Remember, hiring a company with years of experience; can save both time and money.

You can also question them about the operator’s training requirements. The operators should be able to share their credentials. Once you get all the data, compare it with the other short-listed companies. The comparison will give you a better idea of which one to choose.

Reputation and Customer Service

The next thing about the company is what the market and previous clients say about the performance and services of the company. The selected company must have several positive testimonials and reviews from customers. Also, remember that a reliable crane rental company will have returning customers. So if the customers are saying good about the company, they are professional and reliable.

You will also like to hire a company that can deal with emergencies. If this is one of your core concerns, you can ask straight questions about their strategies to deal with such a situation. At Al Faris Group, we work with experienced professionals and a dedicated customer support team that can offer you all the answers in no time. So you can talk to us unless you are completely satisfied with hiring us for affordable trailer or crane rental services in UAE.