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A hydraulic trailer is a special series of vehicles which is used to transport large cargo that is difficult to disassemble. Hydraulic trailers in Dubai are also used to transport goods which have too much length. These Hydraulic trailers in the UAE are used in a large number of industries ranging from power stations and chemical to steel and even in the construction industry. The vehicle loading platform of a hydraulic trailer is kept at balance when transporting goods on bumpy or rough roads in a way that the damping property is excellent. Al Faris Group is the leading trailer rental in Dubai, and we provide high-quality machines which are perfectly maintained.

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Client Testimonials

The forklifts are very well maintained to function with greater effectiveness and the technicians are always ready with substitute ideas for transporting heavy objects. - Fahim
The forklifts provided by Al Faris Group never fail to impress with its higher productivity rate with the labor’s ability to implement proficient techniques for picking up and transport. - Farhan