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Prefer to rent cranes because it’ll be easier to deal with as the crane rental companies in Dubai look after the requirements and maintenance of cranes by themselves. Knowing the different types of cranes can significantly help in completing your next project more efficiently

Types of Cranes According to Their Uses:

You can identify cranes according to the nature of their use; commonly cranes are used for different purposes:

For Moving Items in Small Spaces: the carry deck crane is comparatively tiny compared to other cranes. They are widely used for moving heavy items in small places or construction sites due to their small size and easy setup. If your warehouse has a small space to haul stuff, a carry deck crane would be the best choice for you.

To Work on Uneven Surfaces: If you’re looking for a crane that can work on uneven and soft surfaces, a crawler crane should be your choice. As crawler cranes have tracks instead of typical wheels, it’s easier for them to work efficiently on a soft surface. They are also better for long-term projects because of their other features like telescopic arm to pick and drop item from a long distance and heavy body.

To Carry the Load on Different Sites: For moving heavy equipment that is needed to move from one location to another. It’s highly recommended to use the truck-mounted crane. They have telescopic arm and a truck both installed. So you can lift heavy items with an extended arm and carry them in the truck to move towards another site using only one vehicle, and also truck-mounted crane can easily travel on roads.

To Operate on a Rough Surface: If you’re looking for a crane that can be used to pick and move stuff on a rough and rocky surface, rent a rough terrain crane, as their wheels are specially designed to move efficiently on rocky grounds. The arm of rough terrain crane is also expandable to different lengths, which makes moving and loading smoother.

For Industrial Use: In industries, cranes are an absolute need. It’s better to use bridge cranes for moving heavy stuff life cargo containers in your industry, as they can be fixed in one place with a more substantial base to carry heavy loads. Bridge cranes typically have two designs according to the weight they can lift and their setup; you can choose one of them as per the need of your industry.


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